A Reassuring Statement


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    Women are beautifully complex. Keeping up with the complexities of a pregnant woman can be…hmm…what’s a better word for difficult? Sometimes it’s a crazy craving, she awakes wanting you to get a pickle, ice cream, and peanut butter at three in the morning. Sometimes it’s her aching feet and she needs them rubbed, but not just any rub; only counter clock­wise will do. Or she needs help around the house so she can rest, but keeps stopping you so she can explain why she can’t rest. She then gets upset that you haven’t done much around the house, but you’re thinking you couldn’t because you had to listen to her talk. In reality, through all the complex ever-­changing request, she simply just wants you to understand. Show her you understand with this note of empathy and encouragement. It may be the very thing she needs today.

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