Welcome to Mum Mum Cards – a unique line of greeting cards offering hope and love to expectant and new mothers. We’re the voice of maternity.

Our cards boost Mom’s confidence when she needs it the most. For nine months, an expectant mom anxiously awaits her baby. She wonders, “Am I eating the right foods?” “How is baby feeling?” After giving birth, she wonders, “Is baby eating enough?” “Does baby love me?” If only the little one could speak.

At Mum Mum Cards, we give baby a much-needed voice. Our cards deliver (pun intended) encouraging words … words that baby would say if he could.

  • “On My Way” cards: Mom hears “I’m excited to meet you,” “You’re doing great,” and other sweet reassurances from the womb.
  • “I’m Here” cards: The new baby welcomes Mom to motherhood. A new Mommy is born!

We’re honored to serve pregnant women and new mothers. Bringing this support to the community, we’re partnering with maternity hospitals and birthing centers to provide resources that promote new mom and newborn wellness. We are committed to giving back.

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