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Suspense surrounded the recent arrival of England’s new royal baby. Worldwide, people wondered whether the child would be a prince or princess. Even more, they debated just the right name. According to polls, more than 80% of respondents approved of the parents’ final choice: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Few parents experience the pressure of having to name a princess of England. Still, choosing your baby’s name can be royally difficult.

Here are things to consider when picking the perfect moniker for your mini-me.

• Do you want a name that’s trendy or traditional? (Noah and Emma top the list of most popular names for 2014.)
• Is there a family name to honor, or do you prefer something unconventional?
• How does the name sound with your surname?
• What is the meaning behind the name?
• Does it flow with the names of your other children?
• What kind of nicknames will the name inspire?
• Will people have trouble pronouncing or spelling the name?

If you find yourself stuck in your selection process, turn to trusted friends and family for advice. Or, try online. You’ll find baby name generators, loads of baby name lists, and even message boards for this specific purpose.

In the end, don’t worry too much. Regardless of the name you choose, your baby will still be your little prince or princess.

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