child stack of diapers nipple soother feeding milk bottle with w

“Be prepared.” That’s good advice for Girl Scouts and new moms alike! A little preparation goes a long way. Here are the essentials and extras for your diaper bag.

Diapers and more
• Diapers. A good rule of thumb is one or two diapers per hour, but always have at least four. More is better.
• Wipes. They’re also great for sticky hands!
• Diaper-rash cream
• Changing pad
• Plastic bags for dirty diapers and clothes

Clothes and coverage
• Burp cloths
• Receiving blankets
• Full change of clothes for baby. Include a shirt, pair of pants, and pair of socks.
• Extra shirt for you
• Baby hat
• Baby sunblock

Snack time
• Baby’s bottle. To keep things sanitary, put the nipple in a plastic bag.
• Baby food and spoon
• Snacks for baby
• Water and snacks for you
• A bib or two

Toy time
• Baby’s favorite toy
• A favorite comfort object
• Extra pacifiers (if baby uses them) in a clean plastic bag

In case of emergency
• Cell phone
• Charging cord or extra battery
• ID
• Index card with the pediatrician’s number, a neighbor’s number, and your partner’s number

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