Mummum Princess

Expectant and new moms are elated, exhausted, and often unsure if they’re doing things right. If only the baby could say, “Mommy, everything is perfect.” With Mum Mum Cards, the baby can! Bringing the voice of baby to life, these cards “deliver” humor and warmth to soon-to-be and new moms. And with a brand new line of Spanish-language cards, finding the right card is even easier.

These new cards recognize the importance of family in Hispanic culture as well as the preservation of the Spanish language. Plus, the cards are funny and touching … and they bring a boost of confidence to Mamá.

With these cards, baby can:

• Wish Mamá “Happy Birthday!” (even before he’s born)
• Ask Mamá questions about the moon (she’s already curious)
• Tell Mamá he’s glad he’s hers (so sweet)
• Ask Mamá if she packed the diapers (what a little planner)

and much more. Most of all, the cards create a real connection between baby and Mamá. The cards will bring a smile – and in some cases a tear – to expectant and new mothers.

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